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Environmental Liability and the Construction Industry

Many businesses engaged in the Construction Industry have exposures to environmental liability claims. But do you understand those exposures? For example, does your business: have an Environmental Impact Assessment for their project? know the history of the site, or the activities of the previous owner? know for certain that the...
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Do it Yourself Renovations

insuranceNEWS.com.au has recently reported about a spate of fires linked to do-it-yourself renovations. If you are doing renovations yourself, be aware that insurers may not pay out for claims arising from faulty workmanship. Badly installed chimneys have been linked to three fires in Melbourne and the fire brigade have urged...
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Does Your Marine Cargo Insurance Work

Are you a producer of fresh produce that has had problems in the past with common carriers incorrectly setting temperatures on climate controlled containers? Has your produce arrived at the destination frozen or rotten? Did your insurance policy respond? Probably not as most policies contain exclusions for this exposure. The...
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Cyber Liability or Hacking Exposures

We all continue to hear reports about this increasing threat, however, do we really understand where the exposure/s really come from? In Australia, the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s) that came into effect in March 2014 are certainly one area for businesses with turnover greater than $3M and potentially, even...
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Are You Actually Insured?

I have conducted a number of reviews of insurance programs over the years and it continues to dismay me just how many clients are actually not insured, even though they have paid premiums and they believe they are insured! One of my favourites is from about 18 months ago. Having...
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