‘The right solution is always your best insurance’.

Business Insurance Packages

The Package

A combined policy made up of various coverage sections that can be tailored to provide protection for most of your business risks.

We will work with you to design a solution that is most appropriate for your exposures.

You can choose from the following covers:

Accidental Damage

Many business package policies now include cover for Accidental Loss or Damage of Buildings, Contents and Stock unless the damage is specifically excluded by the policy.

Fire and Perils

The Fire and Perils section of the policy covers your physical assets (Buildings, Contents and Stock) caused by damage from defined perils including due to; fire, storm, impact, earthquake, malicious damage, water and wind.

Business Interruption or Consequential Loss

Business Interruption provides cover for loss of income or loss of profits resulting an interruption of your business arising from damage covered under either the Accidental Damage or Fire and Perils section of the policy.

Additional coverage sections include;

  • Loss or Rent;
  • Accountants or Claim Preparation Fees;
  • Increased Cost of Working

Burglary or Theft

The Burglary Burglary section covers theft of insured property contained on your business premises following forcible and violent entry and this extends to threats of violence such as armed hold ups. Some policies extend cover to pure theft without the need for forcible entry.

Additional coverage sections include;

  • Theft of Property in the Open Air;
  • Damage to Premises;
  • Seasonal Increases for Stock


Accidental loss, damage or destruction of money whilst;

  • On your premises during business and non business hours;
  • Locked in a safe or strongroom;
  • During transit;
  • In your custody.


The cost to replace fixed Internal or External glass followign breakage. Extensions include;

  • Cover for advertising signage or signs;
  • Damaged stock;
  • Temporary repairs

Public and Products Liability

Legal Liability to pay compensation to third parties arising from an occurrence connected to your business operations in respect of;

  • Personal Injury;
  • Property Damage
  • Advertising Liability.

The legal costs cost of defending claims or actions brought against you are also covered.

Electronic or Machinery Breakdown

The cost of repairing or replacing electronic or mechanical plant following specified damage. Extensions include;

  • Deterioration of Goods in cold chambers (fridges, freezers, cool rooms);
  • Hire of Temporary Plant or Equipment;
  • Reinstatement of Data;
  • Business Interruption.

General Property

Generally covers Accidental Loss or Damage, including theft of specified or unspecified items whilst away from your business premises.

Tax Audit or Investigation

Covers fees, charges and disbursements charged by an accountant or tax agent for the work undertaken to respond to an audit or investigation by the Australian Taxation office.