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Electronic or Machinery Breakdown Claims

Tips for swift Claim processing:

  • Obtain a quotation for the replacement or repair of the damage;
  • If you have stock in refrigerated equipment, take steps to move it to prevent spoilage;
  • If stock has already spoiled, write an inventory and, if possible, take photos of the stock;
  • Provide any original purchase receipts (if they are available as this will assist the process);
  • Fill out appropriate claim form if one is required

If a claim form is required, please complete it and return it to us. Fax or e-mail a scanned copy of the completed form and any supporting documents to (08) 6314 4664 or claims@mispl.com.au

To notify us of a claim or a potential claim, please call us on 0410 527 444 or 08 9228 3332.