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Construction or Contract Works Claims

Most policies allow you to authorise temporary emergency repairs to protect your business from further loss or damage. For example, temporary shuttering after breakage of glass to prevent access to your premises.

Tips for swift Claim processing:

Burglary or Theft Claims

You should notify the police immediately you become aware of any theft or malicious damage that has occurred.  You should then report the details to us and take all necessary actions to minimise your loss and to secure the premises.  Please ensure that any evidence, which is required by the insurance companies investigators or the police, is preserved.  It is important that you ensure that the inventory of stolen property and physical damage details including the appropriate costs are identical on both the police reports and the Claim Form.

Other Property Damage Claims (Fire, Storm, Plate Glass, etc.)

You should take the same appropriate steps in ensuring the security of the premises and minimising or reducing the loss and/or damage.

Should the repairs carried out to secure the premises be of a temporary nature then prior to having the final repairs completed you should refer contact us. However, this is not usually necessary for glass breakage/s, as full repairs are usually carried out when the damage is discovered.

Once again, you should ensure that any evidence be retained for inspection by the insurance company’s investigator or the police.

Please note, when damage is of a minor nature, the cost of repairs may be less than the policy excess. If this is the case no claim would be payable for the damage and repairs.

Liability Claims (Damage to Third Party Property or Bodily Injury)

It is important that any incidents that could give rise to a potential claim, whether third party property damage or bodily injury are reported to us immediately you become aware of the occurrence.  We recommend that you keep your own documented records of these occurrences for any future referral.

The following steps should be observed:

  1. Under no circumstances should you and/or any person acting on your behalf make any admission of liability, offer, promise or payment.
  2. If a third party indicates that a claim is to be made upon you, the third party’s claim should be made in writing to you.
  3. Observe and note details of the third party property damage and/or injury.
  4. Note names and addresses of any independent witnesses to the occurrence.
  5. A third party claim must be supported by written repair and/or replacement quotations, medical reports and other supporting documentation to enable your insurer to assess the claim.

A completed claim form and all written documentation from the Third Party should be forwarded to us without delay. Any long-term delay could prejudice your entitlement to claim under your policy.


It is important to remember that your insurer is extremely unlikely to consider any claim lodged against you unless that claim has been made in writing and substantiated by repair or replacement quotations, medical reports and the like.

If a claim form is required, please complete it and return to us. Fax or e-mail a scanned copy of the completed form and any supporting documents to (08) 6314 4664 or claims@mispl.com.au

To lodge a claim please call us on 0410 527 444 or 08 9228 3332