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Marine Insurance Claims

What To Do

If you become aware of a possible claim, please report the incident to us for advice on the correct procedure to be followed.

The initial basic procedures to follow are:-

Cargo Claims

If you become aware that your cargo has suffered damage or been lost in transit, please advise us as soon as possible. The appropriate claim form must be fully completed and returned to our office.

To enable prompt attention to be given to your claim, you or your agents, should submit all available documentation with the claim form without delay, this includes;

  1. Original copy of consignment note/s;
  2. A copy of your correspondence to the carrier holding them responsible for the damage and/or loss;
  3. A copy of the carriers written response back to you;
  4. Copies of invoices to substantiate the amount of your claim;
  5. A written statement detailing salvage costs where applicable;
  6. Details of any salvage available from the damaged goods.

It is the usual practice of insurers to appoint the services of a loss surveyor or adjuster to obtain and present all of the necessary information to the insurer and also adjust the claim where required.

Burglary or Theft

You should notify the police immediately you become aware of any theft or malicious damage that has occurred.  You should then report the details to us and take all necessary actions to minimise your loss and to secure the premises or vessel.  Please ensure that any evidence, which is required by the insurance companies investigators or the police, is preserved.  It is important that you ensure that the inventory of stolen property and physical damage details including the appropriate costs are identical on both the police reports and the Claim Form

Damage to Your Vessel or Property

You should take appropriate steps to ensure the security of the premises or vessel to minimise or reduce further loss and/or damage.

Should the repairs carried out to secure the premises or vessel be of a temporary nature then prior to having the final repairs completed you should contact us. However, this is not usually necessary for glass breakage/s, as full repairs are usually carried out when the damage is discovered.

Once again, you should ensure that any evidence be retained for inspection by the insurance company’s investigator or the police.

Please note, when damage is of a minor nature, the cost of repairs may be less than the policy excess. If this is the case no claim would be payable for the damage and repairs.