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Motor Vehicle Claims

What To Do

If you become aware of a possible motor vehicle claim, please report the incident to us for advice on the correct procedure to be followed.

When you are involved in an accident, you should;

  • Never admit liability, even if you think your are at fault;
  • Obtain the details of the other party; Name, Address, Phone number, their Insurance Company, Description of their vehicle, registration number, etc.;
  • Names and addresses of any independent witnesses to the accident or incident;
  • Keep a record (take notes) of the damage to the other vehicle
  • If you have a camera available, take photos of the damage to both vehicles

Following any motor vehicle accident it is extremely important to remember that where somebody suffers injuries as a result of the accident or the aggregate estimated cost of repairs exceeds $1,000 the accident must be reported to the police.  In addition, when somebody does suffer an injury as a result of the motor vehicle accident, you should make a report of the incident to the Insurance Commission of Western Australia, Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Division by telephoning   (08) 9264 3333 or Freecall 1800 643 338 if calling from outside Perth.

The initial basic procedures to follow are:-

Bodily Injury to Third Parties (People) or Damage to Their Property

If the claim relates to injury to a third party or damage to their property, it is important that they are reported to us immediately you become aware of them, please keep your own documented records of these occurrences for any future referral.

The following steps should be observed:

  1. Under no circumstances should you and/or any person acting on your behalf make any admission of liability, offer or promise or payment.
  2. If a third party indicates that a claim is to be made upon you, the third party’s claim should be made in writing to you.
  3. Observe and note details of the third party property damage and/or injury.
  4. Note names and addresses of any independent witnesses to the occurrence.
  5. A third party claim must be supported by written repair and/or replacement quotations, medical reports and other supporting documentation to enable your insurer to assess the claim.

A completed claim form and all written documentation from the Third Party should be forwarded to us without delay. Any long-term delay could prejudice your entitlement to claim under your policy.


It is important to remember that your insurer is extremely unlikely to consider any claim lodged against you unless that claim has been made in writing and substantiated by repair or replacement quotations, medical reports and the like.

Damage to Your Vehicle

Report the damage to us and if the vehicle is not driveable then it should be towed to the nearest repairer or place of safety.  The appropriate claim form should be fully completed and returned to this office.  Many insurers have preferred repairers and only require a quotation from one of their repairers.

Some policies may provide cover for a replacement/rental vehicle following an accident, if you have elected to have this cover. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Theft of Your Vehicle

If you become aware that your vehicle has been stolen you must report the matter to the police and advise us as soon as possible. The appropriate claim form must be fully completed and returned to our office.

Please note that all insurance companies have a waiting period prior to settlement of any theft claim to allow for recovery of the vehicle.

Most policies provide cover for the rental of a replacement vehicle for a specified time in the event of theft. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Windscreen Claims

Due to the frequency of these type of claims, most insurers have agreements in place with windscreen repair companies.

Generally, if you contact O’Brien Glass and give them your policy number and details, they can manage the repair process for you, without the need to complete any claim forms.