‘The right solution is always your best insurance’.

Construction Insurance

If you are constructing;

  • a new house;
  • commercial premises;
  • industrial complexes or industrial plant

Construction Insurance covers physical damage to the construction materials comprising the work, this includes damage from fire and perils such as; earthquake, rain, wind,impact, etc., together with loss through theft of materials.

Public Liability for injury to third parties or damage to property arising from the construction works is usually included.

Additional coverage can include Advanced Business Interruption if the project doesn’t finish on time and you suffer a loss of profit as a result.

An exposure that is often overlooked is the Products Liability that arises after the work has been completed as a standard construction liability policy ceases to provide cover at the end of the construction period.

There are two (2) main types of policy available;

  • Project specific – covers a single project from start to completion;
  • Annual – covers all projects commenced during the period of insurance and is subject to an annual adjustment at expiry of the policy